Hi all,

Tommy from AllArk here.

We’ve recently expanded access of XMR users to the ETH ecosystem anonymously.

For this we have done 2 major things:

  1. Introduced Wrapped XMR that has immediate liquidity on our DEX. (WXMR-USDT pair)

  2. Tied up with Open Sea to sell ETH NFTs to Monero users. You do not have to interact with the ETH chain at all for the transaction. A receiving address is enough.

We have started with listing the currently available Bored Apes collection and will be adding more.

So, if you want to own an NFT using Monero, give us a try! :)

Tommy from AllArk

  • @monerobull@monero.town
    411 months ago

    The NFTs are certainly an interesting addition to your platform. I can’t seem to find the WXMR on the DEX, will people be able to wrap and provide liquidity with native XMR in the future?

    • AllArk.ioOP
      110 months ago


      We have added details on the WXMR contract in FAQs. We are definitely looking to deploy a nativelh wrapped XMR solution down the line. Currently we are building out liquidity and providing it as a service. We’ve had significant volume but the early minters are using us more as a service provider for wrapping and unwrapping rather than liquidity. :)

      Tommy from AllArk