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Much of what we know about aliens comes from what abductees and contactees themselves report. The problem is that fabrication, hallucination, and screen memories obscure the truth, so various protocols exist to improve the signal to noise ratio. These include cross-correlating multiple eyewitness accounts and using hypnotic regression techniques to bypass the memory blocks and screen memories installed by abductors.

There is yet another source of noise, one not generally known but potentially widespread, which is the mimicry of alien contact by occult (non-alien) entities. Through telepathic means, occult entities have the ability to generate controlled hallucinations in the minds of their victims in order to reshape their beliefs and thereby control their behavior.

What are occult entities (OEs)? They are what we might call ghosts, demons, negs, phantoms, shadow people, lower astral entities, or thoughtforms. Their ability to induce guided hallucinations in the vulnerable means they can project whatever scenario and cast of characters they wish.