The Best Knife for Fighting in Confined Spaces
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/9404 The BEST KNIFE for entangled fights in confined spaces. Shiv Works founder Craig Douglas walks us throught the features and designs of the Clinch Pick and why this knife is the best around for EDC self defense in confined spaces.

The Best Gun for Home Defense
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/9403 OK, I know everyone has their own opinion on “Home Defense” weapons. Well, that includes me. Now, you know I don’t mind voicing my opinion and I’m a little “long-winded”, but I ask that you bare with me. My opinion is “Go with what you know.” If you only practice with a pistol; use that pistol for home defense. If you carry a rifle for a living, then it only makes sense for you to use the same type weapon for home defense. Now you notice that I’ve mentioned a pistol and a rifle. I haven’t said shit about a shotgun. That surprises many of you, because “everyone” on the internet/TV/movies push using a shotgun for home defense. -It doesn’t go through walls like a pistol -The “Racking Sound” will scare the intruder away. -You don’t have to aim -Better in low light -The Pump Shotgun will never jam -Weapon of choice for Zombies Well, call me crazy, but to me, for Home Defense, I want: -Accuracy, so I don’t hit friendlies -Stopping power -Something that I have “Muscle-memory” with, for ease of use in hasty situations Shotguns are for breaching doors and shooting birds. I don’t want to argue here… just watch the video. You’ll see I prefer a Rifle for Home Defense. You'll notice I mention, for those that suck with a pistol, to also have a spray can of Mace... I got that little trick from a old SF Guy (Thanks Fortin). I can't take credit for that one. I’m not going to bring just a pistol to a gunfight; I’m going to bring a rifle. Now, before you comment why I carry a pistol EDC; I carry a pistol every day because I am NOT planning on getting into a gunfight. I carry the pistol just in case. Now, when that home alarm goes off; you can bet I’m coming prepared. I’ll be praying it was nothing. I’ll be praying they wont be stupid… but if they come to hurt my family, rest assured I will exercise my right to spend then next two weeks cleaning up bio-hazard from all over my walls. A good AR, with a white light and good optic… along with a quality way to secure it safely; that’s all you need. Enough said. Again, just my opinion. Let the comments and bashing begin. Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

The US Military’s New Smart Optic that Aims For You. The XM-157.
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/9401 The US Army has selected the XM-157 to work along side many new weapon systems including the X-M5 NGSW. This new optic from Vortex has a feature that ranges and calculates your exact hold to achieve first round impacts. The hold is displayed within the optic. The technology is incredible and we're excited to bring you this review. - 00:00 XM-157 - 01:40 XM-157 Overview begins - 04:22 What is the fire control on this optic? - 09:33 What does the reticle look like? - 19:00 What weapons does this work on? - 25:00 next gen features - 28:20 final thoughts

How To Survive an Ambush
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/9400 Surviving an ambush will take way more than just a video to understand. But we hope that in today’s video we can begin to explain this vital and complex topic. We have to give a big shoutout to Spiritus System for helping with this video. - 00:00 How to survive an ambush - 01:25 the spiritus system gang joins - 3:55 what is an ambush? - 7:02 Near Ambush - 11:07 Near Ambush talk through - 20:00 Far Ambush - 23:20 Far Ambush talk through - 26:11 post far ambush talk through

How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/8313 We’ve been on this series for some time and here it is, the COMPLETE How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle. Bug Out Vehicles, they can mean different things to different people. Not all “bug outs” may be permanent, some could be. In this video we talk about the fundamentals of building a bug out vehicle, how the different components work together to increase the capabilities of the vehicle, and then for good measure we outfit it to meet our needs. While there is no such thing as a one size fits all bug out vehicle this build is sure to point you in the right direction.

Bug Out Load Out - Packing Out Your Ruck With Special Forces Veteran Kevin Owens
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/8312 In this episode of “Bug Out” Kevin lays out a scenario where you have decided the best course of action is to bug out. Your bug out will require a long range movement on foot and you must pack out your essentials for the 3 day movement. Kevin goes over different considerations for what you will need while traveling, as well as how to pack your contents correctly for the best access to your gear while on the move.

Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/8311 You won't believe how light this bag is! Former Army Ranger and Green Beret gives you a look inside his personal go-bag. In addition to seeing the packing list described in this video, you will see exactly what brands and items he chooses for his own emergency preparedness (plus alternates). You can download the packing list with links here: https://graybeardedgreenberet.com/email-landing-bug-out-bag/ This is an EXTREMELY high-quality kit, which should be expected for the one bag that is meant to possibly last the rest of your life. See gear recommendations from outstanding companies from someone who has actually used them in the field: 5.11 Tactical, Helikon-Tex, SnugPak, TITAN Survival, MSR, ExoTac, Tinder Quik, UCO, Sawyer, Katadyn, ReadyMan, Black Scout Survival, RevMedX, Rite in the Rain, Suunto, Wazoo Survival Gear, Petzl, Morakniv, Leatherman, and more.

Mountain recce and avoiding detection from your enemies
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/8310 Basic Mountain Camouflage and how to become a ghost in the mountains centers around your efficient use of camouflage. In today's video we go over basic camouflaging in three different light spectrums; visible, IR, and Thermal. I hope you enjoy the continuation of our becoming deadly in the mountain series. - 00:00 Become a Ghost in the mountains - 4:18 Visible Light Camouflage Techniques - 19:40 Night Vision / IR Camouflage - 26:31 Thermal Camouflage

An Introduction to Radios and Emergency Communication
cross-posted from: https://community.hackliberty.org/post/8309 > Isaac talks about the different radio types, radio bands, and radio licences that you may need, and how to build a bigger emergency communication plan for your community.

Why Everyone Needs a GPS
Isaac Botkin dives into the importance of having a dedicated GPS device, how they work, and how to use them, and touches on GPS spoofing and jamming. Why? Because our system is more fragile than we think and GPS is one of the most secure and reliable navigation tools at our disposal. 00:00 Intro 02:39 How GPS Works 05:16 Garmin GPS Map66sr 07:49 Garmin Basecamp 09:01 Garmin eTrex 32x 12:19 Garmin Foretrex 601 13:30 Garmin Instinct2 Solar 15:40 City GPS Use 17:27 GPS Spoofing/Jamming 23:06 GPS Infrastructure 25:29 Closer

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    Protecting yourself is self-defense by the very definition of the term. Being a warrior means much more than being able to protect yourself. It means being willing and able to protect others as well as yourself. Warriors feel a sense of duty to protect those around them where the ordinary man only feels the need to protect himself. There is a big difference in the two.

    The warrior is willing to put his well-being on the line for those he loves or for those under his protection. Many times, he puts their well being ahead of his own. He could easily defend himself and leave the danger behind, but he chooses the path of chivalry and warriorship.

    He knows there is a difference between self-defense and warriorship, and he also knows that the lifestyle that he has chosen demands that he put his warrior ideals over simple self-interest. Protecting yourself is self-defense; protecting others is warriorship.


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