The Moon is a Hollow Spaceship | Who Built it and Why? Despite it being humanity's constant companion through all of recorded time, the moon is still a mystery. Science hasn't been able to explain how the moon was formed, its unusual orbit, its distance from us, its density, its composition, its structure. These are all still questions. There are theories about the moon that solve some of these puzzles, but not others. There is only one theory that answers every scientific question about the moon. Just one. That the moon is a hollow, artificial structure, brought here by -- someone else. Let's find out why. 〰 Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code FILES for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! 🙏 SUPPORT THE WHY FILES 🙏 (Fun, Free Perks!) 👽 BUY WHY FILES MERCH 👽 (Code: LIZZIDPEEPLE for 10% off first order) 💬 CHAT WITH US ON DISCORD 💬 〰 🌐 OFFICIAL WEB SITE: 🕵️ Submit a topic, suggestion or just say hi: 🕵️ 🎨 Have a product suggestion or want to design artwork for TWF? 🎨 📸 BE A WHY FILES MODEL (and get free stuff!) 📸 Send a photo of you/family/friends watching TWF, 📸 wearing TWF gear, using TWF merchandise: 📸 〰 🎧 THE PODCAST VERSION 🎧 〰 ⁍ TWF on SOCIAL (in order of importance) ⁍ ⁍ ⁍ ⁍ ⁍ 〰 🐠 BETTER CHANNELS TO WATCH: 🐠 🤓 -- THANK YOU PATRONS! Jim H Daniel M Mauricio CT EW Coffey B Hendley Stella R Dalton R J Gasper Aaron C Jacob S Christy & Erik A Steve Spencer Kalmar Patrick I Mikey2ky Laura G All CA Reptile Girl Uncle Mike B Ness Robin Lotz - Black Belt! Grace Cupcake Lost Pilot Miketpi Aaron K Manumelita N Paul W Brains Ironically Ryan V Dizzle McShizzle George D Fran O Ika H Alyson W JL Palacios David F Kyle P VT Young K Dabney Universe C-137 Kenny S Marie D E Pluck Janna P! Rosemarie G Haiji Karen B J Meeks dogamma peppermint butler M Mann A Mei S Toornburg Noxheart Sarah W D Arenz E Engberg M Considine D Dessaur J Peters Mark R D Weaver T Petty M Vargas Vonn C Pittaway Kevin USA P Carone Cris C Soly Kos Royanne L J McLean Sentei NA Preator Dani C D Morrow Gabriel M Arin R J Brown Laini M Jarrod H S Forrestier C Sierra! Ingi J Wendy K J Usas J Daniels P Anderson P Rohrbaugh J Baker Duke Nicebury Johnny O C Corrie Jovan S M Scheff Kasey J Reynlods J Dutan W York Canyon Mike Dan the Man balcobulls D&L O'Mara MW Lane SSG Infinite Sonic K Read LP Rogers M Mielke Audra N Dr D Rosenstein Ranted Beliefs G Dekker Y'all are the best!
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In the law, a conspiracy refers to an agreement between two or more people to commit an unlawful act, or to deprive another person of his legal rights. The agreement to act must be moved toward a conclusion, whether or not it is actually accomplished. Plans made by a certain combination of people for unlawful or secret purposes may also be considered a conspiracy.


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