Stephen M. Phillip has demonstrated that the Ultimate Physical Atom (UPA) is the E8×E8 superstring. Interestingly, the UPA is torus-shaped, and the E8 Lie group is also torus-shaped. Phillip has shown this by revealing that the UPA corresponds to polygons that encode the number of roots in the E8 Lie group and sacred geometries. The E8 Lie group in 3D is composed of tetrahedrons, indicating that it is the tetrahedron grid, and as we know, the torus expands out of the 64-tetrahedron grid.

The flower of life encodes the fruit of life/Metatron’s cube/64-tetrahedron grid, which in turn encodes two star tetrahedrons formed from the (Krystal-)Padovan-Fibonacci spiral. These star tetrahedrons encode all harmonics that constitute all vibrational dimensions, and these vibrational dimensions fractal out of each other because the higher-dimensional shapes construct the lower-dimensional ones. The 3rd vibrational dimension is constructed from a 3D infinite tetrahedron grid, which is one of the faces of the 4D infinite tetrahedron grid that constructs the 4th vibrational dimension, and this process continues up to the 12th vibrational dimension, where the fractal completely unifies and becomes a “singularity.”

This singularity separates into infinitely many parts, or infinite singularities, which are the points of the infinite tetrahedron grid and the spheres of the flower of life. These waves/dimensions fractal infinitely, and some of these waves, known as quantum fields, are encoded/contained within other fields. These spheres are actually toruses, which are ringularites of the “singularity” black hole, and these ringularites are energy loops that join together to form quantum loop fields, or quantum fields. When one quantum loop vibrates, it becomes a superstring geometric torus wave, or a UPA.

Energy is information, which is numbers and geometry, so this fractaling tetrahedron grid is an infinite sea of energy that fractals, and the UPAs are geometric torus waves in this infinite sea of conscious energy, which is God. The lightwave fractals, with waves fractalizing out of each other from the singularity, God’s source zero-point. The Prime Numbers Cross can be turned into a torus that surrounds the negative numbers, which are the singularity, demonstrating a torus expanding out of a singularity.