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On the matter of politics in relation to God, see my following article, which demonstrates the logically unavoidable anarchism of Jesus Christ’s teachings as recorded in the New Testament (in addition to analyzing their context in relation to his actions, to the Tanakh, and to his apostles). It is logically complete on this subject, in the sense of its apodixis.

  • James Redford, “Jesus Is an Anarchist”, Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Dec. 4, 2011 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001), 60 pp., doi:10.2139/ssrn.1337761; also available here and here.

See also my below article, which demonstrates the logically unavoidable correctness of the anarcho-capitalist theory of human rights. It doesn’t derive an “ought” from an “is”—rather, it derives an “ought” from an “ought”: an “ought” everyone must necessarily presuppose in order to even begin to deny it.

For how physics allows unlimited progress by civilizations—to literally infinite intelligence and power—see my following article on physicist and mathematician Prof. Frank J. Tipler’s Omega Point cosmology, which is a proof (i.e., mathematical theorem) of God’s existence per the known laws of physics (viz., the Second Law of Thermodynamics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics), and the Feynman–DeWitt–Weinberg quantum gravity/Standard Model Theory of Everything (TOE), which is also required by said known physical laws. The Omega Point cosmology has been published and extensively peer-reviewed in leading physics journals.

Additionally, in the below resource are five sections which contain very informative videos of Prof. Tipler explaining the Omega Point cosmology and the Feynman–DeWitt–Weinberg quantum gravity/Standard Model TOE. The sixth section therein contains an audio interview of Tipler. I also provide some helpful notes and commentary for some of these videos.

Lastly, one cannot understand the extreme schizophrenia and sadomasochistic psychopathy of mankind—and hence the appeal that etatism holds for many—without incorporating the crucial insight provided by psychologist Julian Jaynes in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1976). And here I’m not speaking of so-called “aberrant” human psychology, but rather simply standard human psychology that all humans are born with due to natural evolution. Concerning that, consult my following article: