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The past, present, and future form a continuum, so studying one part can tell us something about another part. I’m interested in history because it can tell us not only how we got here, but where we’re going.

If you look at the genetic evidence for alien intervention, if you match that up with ancient accounts of the sky people or gods walking among men and flying around in chariots of fire, if you match that up with megalithic sites that are simply impossible to build with human technology of the time, and if you match THAT up with accounts of supernatural technologies like the Ark of the Covenant or various magical stones that gave off radiation and made people sick and electrocuted them and so on, well that all matches right on up with what we know in modern times about UFOs, alien, the abduction program, collaborations between black ops military and alien factions, and what eyewitnesses have said about what alien technology can do. It all fits together, it all meshes, and one part supports another.

So by examining the anomalies in history, the secret forces and controllers of ancient times, and looking at the technology they had and what forces they were collaborating with, it may be possible to get a clearer picture of what’s going on today, and therefore what might happen in the future. Therefore I’d like to talk about some anomalies, including the ancient global mariners who had access to certain alien technologies, I’d like to talk about the Ark of the Covenant and the origin of the Israelites, and also I want to touch on the Holy Grail and the Philosopher’s Stone and how these are all examples of I have come to call “demiurgic technologies” which are none other than devices that employ occult and hyperdimensional energies and principles in their operation and not just electromagnetic.