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Man or Matter is a history of science revised in light of and incorporating a poetic approach to the astral and etheric forces formative behind material phenomena.

Because it stands alone in revising the history of science in light of Goethean science, Man or Matter remains one of the deepest books written in the sciences, ever.

It’s also one of ‘most forgotten books’ ignored and dishonored by Cartesian-Newtonian hard scientists and even most Quantum researchers.

Lehrs details humankind’s slow progress of dis-identification with physical-material matter and our growing healthy identification with truly human values and a light-filled, humanistic stance. Lehrs shows how the inner life of humankind was never static, but was always in movement.

“The handbook to the Borderlands of Science… fundamental text for science in harmony with nature” ~ Borderland Science Research

Without acrimony or anger, Lehrs reveals how Cartesian-Newtonian science was inescapably led to the illusions it holds today. Lehrs offers readers exit doors from the one-eyed, color-blind science based exclusively on matter and gravity.