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  • Hopefully rpm-ostree is just the beginning. When SuSE Mint, Zorin, etc have some form of ostree tooling, then it’s over for you removed, and by it being over for you removed, i mean the need to do a full system reinstall will be over because you removed can just rebase.

    It truly will be the evolution of distro hopping, codifying a “of fuck, GO BACK” function by way of image handling, rather than barfing your operating system file system hierarchy on to your root partition like some caveman.

    The future… is OCI images and layering, like in containers, because cloud native containers is the way - for the desktop… no, seriously. Stop laughing.

  • The RISC-V is an extensible ISA, so yes. All those vendor extensions are optional, when fabricating the processor, which can be replaced by other extensions over time.

    Both Intel and AMD have had vendor extensions in the designs that they no longer use, even ones that have been “retracted” (i.e whatever in the heck Intel is doing with their AVX extensions).

    But yeah, currently, there are a lot of proprietary extensions, which could still be declared as open hardware as well. So yeah.