Prepare to open up your brains, folks. You’re about to read some mind-blowing stuff! It turns out that Bill Gates has been funding a top-secret project involving self-upgrading 5G nano machine based microchips, and – you guessed it… they’re in the COVID-19 vaccines!

It is the literal mark of the beast.

Nano machines that were configured to act as 5g antennas to track us and to control us from the reptilian’s moon base. The reptilians can even send these nanites a signal and they’ll upgrade to 6g and beyond. That is really frightening, folks.

Let me spell it out for you in crayon.

Gates, the mastermind behind this operation, knew that he needed to find a way to implant as many people as possible.

And what better opportunity than through a global health crisis? Do the math, sheeple!

He used his vast resources to fund research and development of this technology for his reptilian overlords, all while lobbying them worldwide to support mass vaccination campaigns.

And then we end up with a global plandemic not long after. Seems like a conflict of interest to me, but what do I know, I’m just a thinking human being.

Create a vaccine that would not only protect against the virus but also act as a delivery system for these self-upgrading microchips? It’s the perfect plan.

But why would Gates do this? Well, it’s all part of their grand plan to control the population. By implanting these microchips in as many people as possible, the reptilians could have gained unprecedented access to our lives, thoughts, and actions.

But it didn’t work out as intended.