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OK, I know everyone has their own opinion on “Home Defense” weapons. Well, that includes me.

Now, you know I don’t mind voicing my opinion and I’m a little “long-winded”, but I ask that you bare with me. My opinion is “Go with what you know.”

If you only practice with a pistol; use that pistol for home defense. If you carry a rifle for a living, then it only makes sense for you to use the same type weapon for home defense. Now you notice that I’ve mentioned a pistol and a rifle. I haven’t said shit about a shotgun. That surprises many of you, because “everyone” on the internet/TV/movies push using a shotgun for home defense.

-It doesn’t go through walls like a pistol -The “Racking Sound” will scare the intruder away. -You don’t have to aim -Better in low light -The Pump Shotgun will never jam -Weapon of choice for Zombies Well, call me crazy, but to me, for Home Defense, I want: -Accuracy, so I don’t hit friendlies -Stopping power -Something that I have “Muscle-memory” with, for ease of use in hasty situations Shotguns are for breaching doors and shooting birds.

I don’t want to argue here… just watch the video. You’ll see I prefer a Rifle for Home Defense.

You’ll notice I mention, for those that suck with a pistol, to also have a spray can of Mace… I got that little trick from a old SF Guy (Thanks Fortin). I can’t take credit for that one.

I’m not going to bring just a pistol to a gunfight; I’m going to bring a rifle. Now, before you comment why I carry a pistol EDC; I carry a pistol every day because I am NOT planning on getting into a gunfight. I carry the pistol just in case.

Now, when that home alarm goes off; you can bet I’m coming prepared. I’ll be praying it was nothing. I’ll be praying they wont be stupid… but if they come to hurt my family, rest assured I will exercise my right to spend then next two weeks cleaning up bio-hazard from all over my walls.

A good AR, with a white light and good optic… along with a quality way to secure it safely; that’s all you need. Enough said.

Again, just my opinion. Let the comments and bashing begin.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.